Apple is Considering This Another Big Change to the iPhone !

By | March 1, 2017

As recently Apple has shown bold step in basic design of iPhones accessories i.e. Headsets. As per the new rumours, Apple is considering to change the Lightning cables with USB-C type charging ports.

Upcoming iPhone model would have a USB-C type port which is no doubt the faster option to enhance the device performance. This roumour has a support of strong report by WSJ.

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Though the Apple has declined to give any response on the same it is more likely to happen if we see the previous changes. Lightening ports are used since the very popular iPhone 5 was introduced and now it looks like it is farewell time to them. This change would make it easier to have a standard port and also can solve the very problem of carrying different ports for each device for users. USB-C type ports are used by all the major manufacturers. Gaint tech firms like Google, LG, HTC, Sony has already moved to USB-C type ports and are getting positive feedback too. Apple has also moved to USB-C type for Macbook and Macbook Pro in fact seeing benefits of it.

Here is Video of Unveiling of Very First iPhone by Steve Jobs:

The few speculations also indicates the curvy screen for the next iPhone model as per Apples mass order reports.



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