Best Anker power banks 2017

By | April 26, 2015

Anker power banks :

Anker is one of the leading power bank brand worldwide. Anker provides very big Variety of portable chargers with various designs and various capacities. You can choose power bank suitable for you from vast options of Anker. We have summarized Anker’s best power banks for you here. This is a review on world’s leading power bank brands online and today we are watching Anker :
Sr. No.Power BankNameEditor's RatingsPriceCheck at Amazon
1anker astro best bankAnker 2nd Gen Astro Mini 3200 mAh★★★★★CHEAPCHECK OUT HERE
2astro6400Anker® 2nd Gen Astro 6400★★★★★AVERAGECHECK OUT HERE
3ankerAnker 2nd Gen Astro E3
10000 mAh
4astro3Anker 2nd Gen Astro3
12800 mAh
5e4Anker 2nd Gen Astro E4
13000 mAh
6e5Anker 2nd Gen Astro E5





  1. Anker 2nd Gen Astro Mini: anker astro best bank



Technical Details

Capacity: 3200 mAh

Color: Black

Size (LWH): 3.74 inches, 0.91 inches, 0.91 inches

Weight: 3.04 ounces


The very small tiny lipstick sized power stick which can fit in your wallet, pockets and you can use it everywhere you go. The best portable power bank present online is Anker Astro Mini which is pretty small in size and has capacity of 3200 mAh. You can charge your smart phone almost 2 times with this power bank and iphone for 1.5 times or 1 time for full cycle (0% to 100%). The power stick is so handy and small and one can charge phone while keeping mobile and power bank in same pocket. Last but not least this is vbery affordable power banks with good quality and brand name.

The power bank has Aluminum shell body which adds classy looks and gives better protection over drops. The pack is powered with premium LG battery cells. Astro Mini has efficient circuit and device detection technology which provides auto charging on off on device detection. The single outyput port provides maximum 1 Amp current which can charge smart phones easily the only problem is you can not use this tiny portable charger to charge tablets or iPads.




  1. Anker® 2nd Gen Astro 6400: POWER BANK astro6400



Technical Details

Capacity: 6400 mAh

Color: Black

Size (LWH): 3.78 inches, 0.98 inches, 1.81 inches

Weight: 4.8 ounces


Astro 6400 is next model provided by Anker power banks with slight more capacity of 6400 mAh. The power bank has solid curvy look and advanced technology for charging. The astro 6400 is provided with circular led indicators which represents charge remained inside the power pack and can be seen by shaking the power bank. You have to shake the power bank to chekck how much juice is left in it. The portable charger has one output port of 2 Amp capacity which is used to charge smart phones and tablets too.

The astro 6400 is best power bank for the user who want to keep the phone live outdoors and are ready to carry little weight, means you cannot keep power bank in pocket and charge the phone but you surely can use backpack. You can charge almost all smart phones and tablets with this power pack iPhone 6 can be charged 2.5 times nad iPad air can be charged 0 to 50% in one cycle. It is also provided with premium LG battery cells.





  1. Anker 2nd Gen Astro E3 :anker POWER BANK



Technical details:

Capacity: 10000 mAh

Dimensions : 5.39 inches, 2.64 inches, 0.65 inches(palm size approx)

Weight: 8.16 ounces

Capacity : 10000 mAh



In our Best Portable Power bank review 2015 Anker 2nd Gen Astro is the leading battery pack. Anker comes with capacity of 10000 mAh. This power bank contains enough juice to charge devices 4 to 5 times on the go . The Astro E3 can also be used for tablets by the 2.1-amp USB port, But the performance goes little down here . The 1.1-amp port is provided for best use of this power bank with great efficiency.


Gets fully charged within six hours by USB port through computer or wall charger. This makes it able to charge any mobile device several times. Operates on 3 amps that is why it is like a turbo charger to charge your device more fast than others. Also last for long than other power bank available in market. 4 LED are provided each one represents 25% juice. Comes with USB cable, multiple adapter charger, manual, travel Pouch.




  1. Anker 2nd Gen Astro3:astro3 POWER BANK


Technical Details

Capacity: 12800 mAh

Color: Black

Size (LWH): 4.37 inches, 3.27 inches, 1.02 inches

Weight: 10.56 ounces



Astro3 is the next product of Anker with capacity of 12800 mAh . This is big capacity to carry with someone for long holidays or vacations where you don’t want to get discharged. Astro3 has same looks as Astro 6400 have both looks like sisters. The power bank has a sloid curvy look and has smart LED indicators to represent charge left in power bank. The leds lights up after shaking the power bank and shows the charge left in it.

The power bank has three output ports and each has capacity of 2 Amps. You can charge iPads and iPhones and also all smar phones with this power pack. It has premium LG battery cells which provide good quality battery life. The Aluminum case provides anti dropping protection to power bank.





  1. Anker 2nd Gen Astro E4 :aSTRO e4 POWER BANK


Technical Details

Capacity: 13000 mAh

Color: Black 13000mAh

Size (LWH): 5.91 inches, 2.44 inches, 0.91 inches

Weight: 10.4 ounces



Astro E4 is next charger option with slightly high capacity of 13000 mAh. Astro E4 comes with 13000 mAh battery capacity and provides long lasting juice for gadgets. You can carry this power bank for vacations or long trips as it has more juice to provide and better capacity. This power bank has solid look and curved edges which adds classy look to it. The power bank is considerable in size and can be carried in back packs.

Astro E4 has two output ports and one input port. The comined output of two output ports is 3 Amps which means you can charge the tablet or iPad with this power bank. Power pack has Aluminum protection case which provides good protection. The power bank has 4 LED to represent the juice left in it.







  1. Anker 2nd Gen Astro E5 :Anker E5 power bank


Technical Details

Capacity: 16000mAh

Color: Black

Size (LWH): 5.91 inches, 2.44 inches, 0.91 inches

Weight: 10.88 ounces



Aastro E5 is successor of Anker Astro E4 and has large capacity and size too. The Atro E5 comes with capacity of 16000 mAh which is very big capacity and can provide better battery backup out doors. The astro E5 has solid look and curvy edges which adds classy looks in it. The power bank Has considerable size as capacity is big.

Astro E5 has 4 LED indicators to represent power left in it, each representing 25% juice. The power pack has Aluminum casing which protects it from drops and physical damages. The power bank is powered with LG battery cell so high quality of power supply is guaranteed. Has 2 output ports of total output current 3 Amps. You can charge iPads and Tablets with this power bank and all kind of smart phones too.





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