Best Power Bank for Mobile India 2017

By | February 26, 2015

Following are the best in India:

 Here is our new list of Best power banks in India.  Check out new offers too which are in last column !!

Power BankNameEditor's RatingsPriceCheck on Amazon
best powerbank india romossRomoss Power Bank Charger★★★★☆CHEAPCHECK OUT FOR MORE
adata best power bank indiaADATA PT100 Power Bank★★★★☆AVERAGECHECK OUT HERE
pny ppower bankPNY BE-520 5200mAH Power Bank★★★★☆COSTLYCHECK OUT FOR MORE
lenovo best powerbank indiaLenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh★★★☆☆AverageCHECK OUT HERE
best powerbank india HPHP F4C80AA Power Pack for Tablets and Smart phones★★★☆☆AVERAGECHECK OUT FOR MORE
ihave Boss best power bank india ihave ia1310 Boss Power Bank★★★★☆COSTLYCHECK OUT FOR MORE


6.Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh

lenovo best powerbank india



Lenovo PB410 is a branded best power bank in India and it comes with 5000mAh capacity which quit average capacity. The PB410 power bank has one input to charge the power bank and 2 outlets for charging devices, One of them is 2.1A and another 1A for tablets and mobile respectively. We used this bank to charge the xperia Z and we ended up charging it twice to its full so it’s a good output for this capacity.


Size / design:
This branded power bank has elegant looks. It is almost palm sized or one can say it is same as average smart phone size. Corners are curved and stylish look is given. PB410 is light weight and really handy. And afterall the brand name speaks more than we can. One can carry it in pocket very easily. Has 4 LEDs to check the battery left in portable charger. It seems to be having scratch resistant body but not sure.

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Unique features:
Auto shut off and on is provided so charge is not lost during ideal time. No pass-through charging so power bank needs to charge first.



5.ADATA PT100 Power Bank

adata best power bank india

The ADATA PT100 comes with huge capacity of 10000mAh. Basically this is really huge capacity to keep your devices alive in outdoors for few days. This power bank has two USB output ports to charge devices and one iput port to charge battery pack. It requires 5V 2A input to charge this bank and it provides 1A and 2.1A of output through USB ports for mobile and tablet respectively. This bank can be charged fully within 6 to 7 hours.


Size / design:
This bank comes in attractive combination of black and green color as you can see in the picture. Four LEDs are provided to check the reaming power in the bank. Now talking about size, the bank is little bit heavy and not big so cannot be kept in pocket, its considered because of its big capacity.


Unique features:
Has auto on and off feature so no need to worry about disconnecting devices after full charge the power bank does it itself. Also it is most efficient bank in this class. LED torch is also provided for very basic use though.



4.HP F4C80AA Power Pack for Tablets and Smart phones

best powerbank india HP


Brand name comes the first as HP power bank is considered it’s a reliable brand and it’s true for this power bank too. This battery pack comes with the capacity of 7500mAh. This capacity is enough to charge any 2000mAh battery device for three times and HP F4C80AA does this job very efficiently. This best power bank in India has an input port and 2 output ports. The best thing about this bank is it provides 2.1A through both the outputs which makes the devices to charge faster and Tablets and iPads can be charged simultaneously. Power bank requires 6 hours of charging to get fully charged.


Size / design:
HP power bank has very attractive and stylish look as you can see in the picture. It has perfect black colored finishing which makes it feel classy. Though the power bank is little heavy and bit big in size it can be add in backpack very easily. All ports and LEDs are arranged in style.


Unique features:
Pass-through charging is provided. Also bank can detect the device and starts charging automatically and shut off too.




3.Romoss Power Bank Charger

best powerbank india romoss

Romoss comes with the big capcity of 10000mAh. This power bank provides good backup for devices for long time. The romoss comes with one input port to chrge power bank and two out port to charge devices. One of the output is 1A to charge mobiles and another provides 2.1A for tablets and iPads. We tested this bank on iphone 5s and ended up charging it 2 times to its full and still some juice left in power bank. Devices are charged faster with this battery pack.


Size / design:
Now as the capacity is big the bank has big size too. This power bank is not for carrying in pockets but very easy to slide in backpack. Romoss have provided 4 LEDs to know about the remaining juice in bank and also a power button is provided. It is bulky and bit heavy but has good finishing and made of better quality plastic. Though the micro USB cable is short it charges well.


Unique features:
Actually it doesn’t have pass-through charging so needs to charge power bank first then it can work for devices. The power button is provided to start the charging devices.




2. ihave ia1310 Boss Power Bank

ihave Boss best power bank india
capacity :
ihave Boss is best in class power bank present in Indian market now days. It comes with great capacity of 10000 mAh. Boss contains great capacity as per the name is given to power up any device to its 100%. We have tested iphone 5s which is charged 5 times with Boss note 3 charged 2.5 times. This gives a rough idea about its capacity. Technically it has two output ports providing 2.4A intelligently distributed among them. Boss can charge Tablets and ipads too.


Size / design :
When it comes to design Boss has solid look and sharp edges as u can see in picture. It has Sharp edges which makes it little bit uneasy to carry in pocket but can be adjusted in pocket too. Boss power bank is really handy light weight and easy to carry for its class. This power bank is provided 4 LED lights to indicate the remaining charge in the battery. Also two output ports for charging devices and a input port to charge power bank is provided.
Unique feature:
To check the remaining charge in power bank you have to shake it and the LEDs will glow. Also pass-through charging is provided and auto shut off and on is included




1.PNY BE-520 5200mAH Power Bank :

pny ppower bank


The PNY BE-520 is another good choice for the smart phone users. This power bank has 5200 mAh of juice which can add few hours to your smart phones battery. The BE-520 has 1A output port which can be used to charge your smart phone a MOTO G can be charged almost two times with this power bank.




The PNY BE-50 power bank is so slim and tiny that it fits in your pocket. You can carry this tiny portable charger wherever you go. The bank has a LED flash light for emergency uses. Unique slim design attractive print on the bank makes it look good. Very handy design makes it easy to use.


Unique fetures :

The PNY BE-50 has LED flash light for emergency. Also has 4 LED indicators showing left juice inside the bank. Auto power on off technology helps to save energy.





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