Latest Potable Charger Aluminium V/VI Unveiled by Apple ? Have a Look at This Official Look Like Power bank Charger

By | January 6, 2016

Market is already full of Portable Chargers for branded devices no one can tell which is official and which is fake unless closely examined. Here is latest power bank introduced which is especially for Apple devices.

Aluminum-VI-portable charger

The Silicon Valley startup 4second Life has come up with this new Portable charger for Apple devices. The power bank is unveiled in CES 2016 Las Vegas event, which is has Aluminum looks (very similar) same as iPhone and anyone will fall for its authenticity by Apple.

The portable charger has very close and similar looks as iPhone and has Aluminum edges with same colors too. The power bank is specially designed to match with Apple iPhones so users can use them with same pride as device. This power banks are for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s series.


Now the specified portable charger Aluminium VI has some serious issues too, it has a microUSB port instead of Apple’s standard Lightning port so you need to carry an adapter cable.

Next to it once you connect Aluminium VI to iPhone you need to slide on the front panel to start the actual charging of phone which I don’t know why they have provided. If someone is connecting the Aluminium VI to iPhone obviously it is not for show off but to charge device then why user need to slide and all.

Aluminium VI has no notification sound or anything when it stops charging the device!! What ? No notification after its work is done, no way!!! How one can ask to slide to start charging device but forgets to notify once it is done!!

The Aluminium V/VI is available in different sizes too

Aluminum-VI-portable charger

  1. Aluminium V is for iPhone 5 or 5s with 12500 mAh Juice
  2. Aluminium VI is for iPhone 6/ 6s with 1500 mAh capacity for price of $85
  3. Aluminium VI plus for iPhone 6 plus / 6s plus with 2250 mAh battery


All of this portable battery power banks are set to roll out in market in late January 2016 @ 4SecondLife


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