The Portable Charger which Sticks to Your iPhone: The Scosche MagicMount

By | April 30, 2016

There are a huge amount of Portable charger battery packs available today, yet most are lumbering and require an involved wrapping of charging chords to hold in one hand on the off chance that you need to charge your phone while you walk. The new Scosche MagicMount kills some of those issues, attractively appending to the back of your iPhone for simple one-gave use.
Scosche MagicMount 1


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The 4000mAh thin battery pack with 2.1A output current can completely charge an iPhone 6S two times or a 6S Plus once, which isn’t awful for such a flimsy charger. The MagicMount accompanies lighting and smaller scale USB links, alongside a little cushion called a MagicPlate that appends to the back of your telephone (which the battery will connect to). You can buy the MagicMount in dark, dim, silver, gold, and rose gold from Scosche’s site today.Scosche MagicMount

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