Tylt’s launched latest battery packs and chargers

By | January 9, 2016

Well known player of aftermarket Batteries and chargers of smartphones and laptops “Tylt” has unveiled a range of all new latest accessories in the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show last week. They have come up with latest VU wireless charger, Fast-charging hubs for electronics of all shapes and various power capacity, and latest one Energi+ portable charger backpack too.


Tylt power bank charger

The power bank has many color and also various sizes from 5,200 mAh to 20,800 mAh of huge capacity. Also this power bank has standard full-size micro USB 3.0 ports having two latest Type-C cables. Type-C cables are booming and getting more attention too. This portable charger supports pass-through charging and has much capacity to charge the device fast. Quick charge tech is used and supports to all mobiles having Qualcomm’s quick charge 2.0.

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The Vu 2.0 is second upgraded model of Tylt’s Qi-Compatible docks, and packs 4 charging coils. Docks are provided bigger to avoid the previous model bugs and complaints received by Tylt, many complaints were about disorientation of dock were registered. The Vu 2.0 has provided a fluid stand which can lay entirely flaty or stand vertically as per user needs this was also issue which is resolved in this model. Also this Tylt charges quicker than many other chargers in market. It has 15W output power which is 3 times the previous model.

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