Water to charge your smartphone Battery !!! Details of This Portable Charger

By | January 14, 2016

This is customized smartphone portable charger which was presented in CES 2016 and was pretty amazing here what we saw !! this amazing Eco-friendly device has Eco-friendly fuel cell and air holes provided to keep it charged for up to a whole week !! though it is a prototype still and will be coming in market soon.

jaq water portable charger

JAQ is portable charger developed by MyFC, it uses a proton exchange membrane cell which is latest tech and more efficient than traditional LI-Ion batteries. Prototype looks very promising and gives the step forward in more environment friendly solutions in coming days.

The portable charger works when small Power-card is inserted which is made up of salt water. The basic principal is Hydrogen from salt water is used to generate power. After inserting Power-Card the hydrogen from salt water enters into the fuel cell anode, which on chemical reaction with oxygen produces the electric energy and water too. This is absolutely portable even can be used  in flights. Charging device with this power bank is simple just plug your smart device into charger with USB and BOOM  it starts charging same as Latest Power banks in the market.

Jaq Water charger portable

The capacity of a card is almost 1800 mAh which is enough for single charge of small devices and 50% to 70% to charge iPhone 6. The cards used only once and need to throw after use but as they are Eco friendly no hazardous waste is generated.jaq water portable charger

Pre-orders of this JAQ are available on theirs MyFC official website. though one needs to carry bulky portable charger having a Eco-friendly charger is anytime better.


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