Best Automatic Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount

We got many requests from our followers to review the automatic clamping wireless car charger mounts so today after reviewing 3 different mounts we have concluded the results here!

Those who don’t know the automatic clamping wireless chargers are the handiest and must-have accessory in your car if you have a Qi wireless charging enabled phone! The charger simply takes care of holding the phone while you can enjoy the driving without much effort!

Best Auto-clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount

Automatic clamping 15W-Qi Car Wireless Charger-for-iPhone-12-11-XS-XR-X-8-Samsung-S20-3


The wireless charger has infrared sensors and when you hold the mobile device near the clamps automatically opens and when you keep the device in clamps the clamps closes! We also found the wireless charger also has quick charging technology through which it can charge the iPhones, androids in marginal quick time.

Super wireless fast charging of this charger is of the upgraded new generation thus supports all major brands and devices like iPhone x, XR, 11 pro mini, iPhone 12 pro max mini, and all android devices.

Easy rotating design is what amazed us as the usage became so handy while without looking at auto clamping charger one can mount and dismount the phone easily.

auto clamping wireless car charger for iphones


When we tested the rating and certification the charger is in accordance with international QI certifications thus safe for all latest devices as well as old ones!

The automatic clamping charger has a stronger grip than other tested wireless chargers and while on bumpy rides the mobile devices were pretty much on spot.

The free 360-degree rotating spin ball adds any way rotation thus more flexibility.
The most important thing is the wireless charger is so easy to install in your car simply put it in your air vent with the grip adjusting button and release the button and done your charger ready to use.

With over-current protection and auto adjustments to the required current as per the device by the smart chip, the charger is smart.

Overall we tested this auto clamping car charger for 2 weeks and so far found the charger is as good as a wall charger in speed and quality. The charger has a quality grip to hold while on country roads. The clamps are really intelligent and detected devices pretty fast, also detaching is very easy and no need to give special attention while driving.

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