Small Power Banks Reviews 2018

All of us want a very small, handy very portable and best power bank to carry in our pockets so that we can charge our smart phones on the go. We have brought to you a perfect list of power sticks here which are almost lipstick-sized power banks . This is the list of most compact , slim, handy, portable and best power banks. And last but not least these are very cheap in price like you can buy them for less than 10 dollars. What are you waiting guys just pick the one you like and buy it hurry !!!!!!!!!

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Sr.No.Power BankNameEditor's RatingsPriceMore
1anker astro best bankAnker 2nd Gen Astro Mini★★★★★CHEAPCHECK OUT HERE FOR MORE
2best power bank onlineSUNLABZ power bank / portable charger★★★★★AVERAGECHECK OUT HERE FOR MORE
3best power bank onlineEasyAcc 2nd Gen. Metal 3000mAh Powerbank★★★★★CHEAPCHECK OUT HERE FOR MORE
4best power bank onlineYubi power YP250ABLK power bank★★★★☆AVERAGECHECK OUT HERE FOR MORE
5best power bankPOWERBOT TNT power bank★★★★☆CHEAPCHECK OUT HERE FOR MORE
6best power bankPNY T2200 power bank★★★★☆CHEAPCHECK OUT HERE FOR MORE
7best power bankEC TECHNOLOGY Mini External Battery★★★★☆AVERAGECHECK OUT HERE FOR MORE






Anker 2nd Gen Astro Mini:anker astro best bank

Anker is well known brand in power banks online. The Anker Astro mini is the best in the class lipstick sized power bank one can have. This power bank is Slim and solid look, small in size and can fit into pocket too. The anker astro mini has capacity of 3200 mAh which can charge your smart phone at least for one full cycle.   We recommend this bank for its size, design, capacity and price too.

Capacity : 3200 mAh

Review: 4.5/5






SUNLABZ power bank / portable charger:

best power bank online

The best in class unique design makes the SUNLABZ a most loved portable and best power bank. This power bank is much handy like a bold stick. This can fit in your pocket easily and you can charge your smart phone in your pocket too. The best in class design and finishing makes it classy and must have.

Capacity: 3000 mAh

Review: 4.8/5




EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Metal 3000mAh Powerbank:best power bank online

The EassyAcc is well known brand in power banks and this ultra compact power stick is best for mobile charging on the go. The slim and unique design makes it trendy. And the best part is the slim power bank can fit in your pocket and you can charge your mobile in your pocket too.

Capacity: 300 mAh

Review: 4.6/5





Yubi power YP250ABLK power bank :best power bank online

The compact power stick has a nice solid look and power capacity of 2500 mAh. This stick can fit in your pocket to charge mobile while working. The solid look and small size make it more attractive. You can charge nexus 5 for one complete cycle with this power stick.

Capacity: 2500 mAh

Review: 4.3/5





POWERBOT TNT  power bank:best power bank

Another best power bank in this category is here. Small in size cylindrical shape and powerfull. The power stick is the almost same size of lipstick and can fit in pocket easily. The power stick also has LED flash light for emergency. Has aluminum finishing so looks classy and is compatible with all mobiles.

Capacity: 2600 mAh

Review: 3.8/5





PNY T2200 power bank:best power bank

The PNY power banks are already famous and this power stick by PNY is also no exception for it. The best in class looks very stylish and small in size . the power stick is so attractive and looks like expensive thing in your hand. The PNY can fully charge your phone one time almost. The best thing about this power stick is it is affordable in less than 10 dollars.

Capacity: 2200 mAh

Review: 4/5





EC TECHNOLOGY Mini External Battery:best power bank


The EC mini power stick is the bit bigger than lipstick but it is a power stick so it has to be a little bit bigger in size. You can charge your smartphone on the go with this power bank. Very handy and portable you can carry in your pocket too. Easy to use the only thing against is it takes more time to charge it self. It has flash light for emergencies though it is not much bigger but can be used in dark.

Capacity: 2600 mAh

Review: 4/5






These are the pocket size small power banks to carry with you for emergency situations and not advisable for travelers and offroaders. You need to consider these power banks have low capacity thus are more easy to carry in the pocket.
While you can charge up your iPhones and smartphones with these chargers there is also the risk of getting drained out of juice. We advise our users to least buy a power bank with 10000 mAh of capacity which can charge your devices for considerable times.

Small Power Banks Reviews 2018
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