Best Portable Laptop Charger aka External Battery Power bank for Laptop in 2018

Here we have brought the latest reviews of best portable laptop charger and external battery power banks for laptop reviews and guide of 2018 for you. Hello everyone and wel-come again on “PowerBankTalk” the world’s #1 website for The Best power banks and portable chargers discussion, reviews and discounts. We have brought the most awaited and most requested reviews of Best portable charger or external battery supply (Power bank) for Laptops and MacBook. Almost everyone has asked for this reviews and here it is. If you are a blogger, student, traveler, wanderer and anyone who needs power supply while you are outdoor here is All in One supply tool for you.

External Portable Charger for LaptopCapacityPriceBuy Now at Amazon
Anker Astro Pro2 Universal
Anker pro2 best portable charger for laptop
20,000 mAh$$Click for more details
Lizone Extra Pro External Battery Charger
Lizone Power bank for laptop
40,000 mAh$$$Click for more details
Lizone Extra Pro 26000mAh Portable External Battery
power bank for laptop
26,000 mAh$$$Click for more details
ChargeTech Universal Power Bank
chargetech laptop universal power bank
12,000 mAh
18,000 mAh
27,000 mAh
$$Click for more details
Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 Advanced
laptop best portable power bank anker
20,000 mAh$$Click for more details


1) Anker Astro Pro2 Universal Multi-Voltage Laptop External Battery

Anker pro2 best portable charger for laptop



Capacity:                            20,000 mAh
Weight:                                1.2 pounds
Product Dimensions:   4.9 x 7.3 x 0.6 inches
Color:                                   Silver
Voltage:                               19 volts
Batteries:                            1 Lithium ion batteries required.


World’s well known and very famous brand Anker brings this amazing universal external power supply pack with great capacity of 20,000 mAh. This power bank has huge capacity to charge many devices and also a quality assurance with brand name of Anker. This power supply can charge all laptops for one full cycle i.e. 0% – 100% for one time. The power pack has premium quality Lithium Ion polymer battery cells which assures the quality and more than 500 recharging cycles over life time of battery.

Battery Has following Outputs:

1 DC port for charging Laptops and Macbooks which can provide various outputs like

  • 12V/4A
  • 16v/3.5A
  • 19v/3A

The portable power bank has stylish and slim aluminum body with enhanced look and durability. 4 LEDs are provided for indicating remaining juice in power bank.

And also 1 usb port with 5V/2.1A output for charging all kind of smart phones and tablets.

anker best laptop power bank chrger

Package contains:

  • 1 Anker® Astro Pro2 20000mAh External Battery
  • 4 phone connectors
  • 10 laptop connectors
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 DC power cable
  • 1 AC 100-240V power adapter
  • 1 accessories pouch
  • 1 user manual.

Included laptop connector tip sizes (outer x inner diameter in mm):

A – 6.00×4.25 – Sony VAIO
B – 6.25×3.00 – Toshiba Satellite A105, M35
C – 5.50×2.10 – Toshiba T1950, T4700 / Acer Aspire 1200
D – 4.75×1.70 – ASUS Eee 900, 1000
E – 5.50×1.70 – Acer Aspire One AO722 AO725
F – 5.50×2.50 – ACER Aspire 1600, 5610
G – 4.00×1.70 – HP Mini 1000/ 1100 Series
H – 5.00×3.25 – Samsung N130, N310
J – 7.40×5.00 – HP Pavilion DV6 / HP G60, G61/ HP Compaq CQ60, CQ61 / HP 550 / Dell inspiron 1525, E1505
K – 7.90×5.40 – ThinkPad T60, X60, R60


2) Lizone Extra Pro External Battery Charger for MacBook/Laptop:


Lizone Power bank for laptop



Capacity:                          40,000 mAh
Item Weight:                   1.9 pounds
Product Dimensions:    6.5 x 4.8 x 0.8 inches
Color:                                Silver

This is a latest verion of Lizon Extra which has 40,000 mAh juice and more efficiency than previous one almost 10% more efficiency and new design. This is excellent power bank for Laptops and Macbooks. You can charge your following devices for following number of times:

  • Macbook Pro 13 inch 5 to 2 times
  • Macbook Pro 15 inch 1 to 1.5 times
  • Macbook Pro 17 inch 1 time
  • Macbook Air 11inch 2 to 3 times
  • Macbook Air 13inch 2 to 3 times
  • iPad mini 5 times
  • iPhone 12-15 times


This portable battery has new technology which enables the full speed laptop DC port to charge with upto 2.1 A current and provides universal compatibility.

This power bank has total 6.6 A current output which can charge many devices at same time through its all ports. Portable charger has premium quality Panasonic cells which provides up to 600 recharge cycles life time and has a unique aluminum Body. Lizone Provides 18 months warranty for this power bank. And this universal external battery is also compatible with HP Compaq , IBM Lenovo, and all smart phones.





3) Lizone Extra Pro 26000mAh Portable External Battery Charger:

power bank for laptop


Capacity:                           26000 mAh
Size (LWH):                      5.6 inches, 4.8 inches, 0.8 inches
Weight:                              1.25 pounds
Product Dimensions:      5.6 x 4.8 x 0.8 inches ; 1.2 pounds


This is another version of Lizone with 26000 mAh capacity which is pretty huge and can keep you going for enough time outdoors. This power supply provides varity of outputs and can charge many devices let’s see in details:

  • HP Pavilion 14 inch 5 times
  • Pavilion 15 inch 2 times
  • Pavilion 17 inch 8 times
  • iPad Mini 1 5 times
  • iPhone approach 10 times
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 6 times

Also this power supply is compatible with all latest laptops and smart phones too. It has 10% more efficiency than previous version and has more stylish design and looks. The DC port Provides highest output of 4.5A 90W which can be used for laptops and Macbooks. The USB port provides 2.1A which can be used for charging smartphones and tablets

compatible with HP Compaq laptops or other devices:

A: 7.4×5.5mm DC Cable Contents: for All 7.4×5.5mm Contecter

B: 4.5×3.0mm DC Cable Contents: for All 4.5×3.0mm Contecter

C: 4.8×1.7mm DC Cable Contents: for All 4.8×1.7mm Contecter


HP Chromebook 14 15 Series Series (All)

HP Envy Series (All)

HP Pavilion 14 15 17 Series (All)

HP Split Series (All)

HP Mini Series (All)

HP Elite Book Series (All)

HP G Series (All)

HP Compaq Notebook PC Series (All)

Compaq Presario Series (All)

USB Port compatible:

HP Tablets (All)

Apple iPad (All) iPhone (All)

Samsung Galaxy (All) and more other devices…


4) ChargeTech  Universal Power Bank for MacBooks, Laptops, iPhone, Smarphone:

chargetech laptop universal power bank



Capacity:                           12,000 mAh
Product Dimensions:      4 x 6 x 1 inches; 1.5 pounds
Shipping Weight:            1.7 pounds


ChargeTech is Latest crowed funded project product. Also the winner of Amzons “The Maker Challenge”. ChrgeTech claims to be world’s smallest and most powerful battery charger bank to include the AC wall outlet and it’s almost very true. It has AC wall outlet which you can use same as your household wall unit. The Portable battery supply is available in 3 variation by the capacity as:

ChargeTech has managed to provide FastCharge technology which delivers 2.4A of current to devices. Also it has high-speed cable for charging itself within 2 hours.

The universal power bank is really amazing as it also has special output of AC which is similar to wall plug and has capacity to power up any standard devices which requires voltage up to 65W. Which means you can charge any electronic device with this real external power supply unit. Also it is compatible with all international standards i.e. 110V/120V.

This is Airline and TSA approved Power Supply and has the premium quality Panasonic and Sanyo Li-ion battery cells.

It has 4 LED indicators for checking remaining juice level. ChargeTech offers the 12 month warranty which we think little less as compared to other brands 18 months warranty.


You can see detailed Video of ChargeTech here:


5) Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 Advanced Review:

laptop best portable power bank anker



Capacity:                             20,000 mAh
Product Dimensions:       6.6 x 4.4 x 0.6 inches ; 1.1 pounds
Shipping Weight:              2 pounds
Batteries:                             1 Lithium ion batteries.

Amazon bestseller brand in External Poratble power supply brings this PowerIQ tech used power bank with same capacity of 20,000 mAh. This is another version of Anker Astro Pro2 which has the latest powerIQ technology for bringing the best out of external power bank. The powerIQ tech detects the device and provides the best possible output for the devices accordingly. Also it assures the short-circuit proof and long life property of bank.

The Anker Pro2 can charge deviecs following times:

  • iPhone 5s 10 times
  • Galaxy S5 6 times
  • iPad Air 2 times

Any Laptop for 1 to 1.5 times only. This power bank has 3 usb output Ports and one DC output port for laptop charging. It can operate on 9/12V for laptops so only compatible with 9/12V laptops can be charged.

The package includes:

  • Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank
  • 100-240 volt adapter
  • Micro USB cable
  • 3 x 1.6mm to 5.5 x 2.5mm multi-voltage cable
  • Travel pouch
  • Welcome guide
  • 8-month warranty and friendly customer service.


6. MAXOAK Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank for Laptop & Notebook


Capacity:                            50,000 mAh
Weight:                                2.8 pounds
Product Dimensions:   8.1 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches
Color:                                   Silver
Voltage:                              3.7 volts
Batteries:                            8 Lithium ion batteries required.

MAXOAK 50000mAh 6 Port(51220v) Portable Charger External Battery Power Bank for Laptop & Notebook–Most of Sony Dell Hp Toshiba Samsung Lenovo Acer IBM NEC Mobile,Tablet(not for Apple Laptop)

MAXOAK is the huge power source you can ever see in power bank segment with highest capacity of 50,000 mAh. Thus this huge power bank comes with bit of weight but it compensates with long duration of juice for your gadgets. You will be really happy to carry this weight as this power bank can charge you laptop and mobiles for multiple days ! yes you heard it right days ! Though this is great power source for all gadgets the company do not allows users to charge Macbooks with this charger. so basically if you have a Macbook this is not for you.

It has 6 output ports to charge multiple devices at a time. The main limit is this battery can not Charge Laptop with DC Current Over 4.5A/90W. So you will need to check out your laptop input specifications before buying this.

Here is list of supporting laptop connectors :

Laptop connector/Adapter included in the Package(DC 5.5*2.1mm to below adapter):
E:5.5/1.7mm Acer
F:4.8/1.7mm HP
H:5.0/1.0mm Samsung
I:7.4/0.6mm(or 7.4/5.0mm) DELL/HP
Fordell: 7.4/0.6mm(or 7.4/5.0mm) DELL
K:7.9/0.9mm(or 7.9/5.5mm) IBM/LENOVO
L:3.0/1.1mm Samsung
O:4.5/3.0mm only for HP, not fit for Dell Laptop.
Lenovo: fits for LENOVO laptop with square head with a thread in the middle
(not suitable for Lenovo laptop with half solid and half hollow)
FOR DELL: 4.5*3.0mm Dell laptop with 4.0*3.0mm
N:4.0*1.35mm ASUS laptop with 4.0*1.35mm connector
G:4.0*1.7mm Lenovo laptop with 4.0*1.7mm connector

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    1. sanket Post author

      You can simply check at bottom of your laptop and if not your system info panel in windows settigs would tell that. Yes Macoak power bank has real good support for all the laptops and HP deceives too!


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