Best Qi Wireless Power Banks & Portable Chargers 2021

Day by day Qi wireless technology is being adapted globally in almost all the latest gadgets and that is where we face the need of Best quality Qi wireless power banks or Portable Chargers to charge them on the go!

Smart Phones, Earbuds, iPhones, Android Phones, Tablets, Smartwatches like apple watch, Samsung watch, MI watch, Health trackers all the latest gadgets are supporting the Qi wireless charging and so the power bank manufacturers are coming up with a huge variety of Wireless Power Banks. Due to these various options, we are reviewing top brands to choose from for our readers!

Mostly asked question by all gadget geeks in recent times to us is
Which is the best wireless power bank?

We have tested these Qi wireless power banks on the following specifications:

  • Capacity
  • Voltage & Current ratings
  • Size
  • Supporting devices
  • Price

1. BlitzWolf QC3.0 BWP10 10000mAh Wireless Portable Charger

best power bank wireless portable charger 2020 Blitzwolf

BlitzWolf is a known brand in the power bank space. This time it has come up with the advance wireless power bank with 18W power capacity. The power bank has Qi-enabled wireless charging to charge all the brands of smartphones and other gadgets. It has 2 Micro USB ports and 1 USB type C port for wired charging and 1 surface to charge wirelessly. The power bank has rigid and grip enabled surface to grip the smartphone or gadgets while placed for wireless charging.

Stylish looks and classic edges give this power bank a modern look. The black color only options to choose from right now. The power bank supports all the tablets and smartphones of all the brands as the highest upto 9V 2A current and voltage ratings is available through the USB outputs. The Qi wireless pad has 10W & QC3 fast charge support. You can charge upto 4 devices at the same time but it is not advised to charge so many at a time.

All iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Android devices can be charged with this power bank.


Color: Black

Size: 138.7mm*71.2mm*17.7mm

Net Weight:  225g±5

Capacity: 10000mAh 37Wh

Power Conversion Rate: ≧85%


2. Romoss iRoll 3250mAh Wireless Charger For Apple Watch

Romoss wireless power bank portable charger best 2020

The very innovative design and real pocket-friendly power bank for heavy apple watch user is here. The wireless power bank has an inbuilt cable placement space where you can easily wind up the whole charging cable and there won’t be any mess in your pocket. As you can see in the diagram the power bank is very tiny but powerful. The best part is you can also charge your other devices while wireless apple watch charging with USB port provided in the power bank. 3250 mAh of the capacity of the battery is provided in the power bank which is quite enough to keep your watch fully charged for 2-3 days while on the go. We can not enough recommend this pocket-friendly, short but very well designed small qi enabled wireless magnetic power bank.


3. Samsung Wireless Charger Portable Battery

samsung wireless portable charger power bank review best 10000 mah

The world-famous smartphone brand also has few power banks though these are not very famous. Samsung has introduced the wireless Qi-enabled portable charger in silver color. The power bank has 10,000 mAh of capacity and sleek design. the power bank comes with a factory warranty and as we all know Samsung is well known for the quality products.

The power bank can charge almost all Qi-enabled gadgets like iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets also there is a micro USB charging port to support different devices through wired charging.

You can carry this simple lightweight power bank in your backpack so it is truly a saver for travelers like me.

4. Xiaomi 10,000 Wireless Power Bank with QC 3.0

10000 Xiaomi wireless power bank portable charger best 2020

The very famous and emerging brand Xiaomi has come up with this 10,000 mAh of a capacity power bank. The latest quick charge 3.0 technology is used in this power bank and you also charge other devices with regular micro USB ports. It has 1 USB port and 1 Qi-enabled device can be charged at the same time. Slim yet powerful 10,000 mAh of capacity can keep you charged up for at least 2 days on the regular usage of smartphone devices. It comes in two colors which are Black and White.

5. AUKEY 18W Wireless Power Bank QC 3.0

Aukey 10400 wireless power bank portable charger 2020

Another famous brand in power banks and portable chargers has a very slim power bank with 8000 mAh of capacity. This is another pocket-friendly wireless power bank you can carry around. The power bank also has 2 USB ports to charge other devices. This wireless portable charger is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Apple watch, ipads, tablets and all Qi-enabled devices.

6. RavPower 10400 mAh Wireless Portable Charger

Ravpower 10400 wireless power bank portable charger 2020

The power bank has 10W Qi fast charging induction coil for charging the devices. Brand RavPower is already well known and has given some very nice power banks over the years. This particular is a wireless power bank with 10,400 mAh of battery capacity it works with any Qi-enabled devices and has up to 10W of collective output. 1 extra USB port for charging other devices with USB wire is provided too. It also supports 7.5W till 10W device requirements in wireless charging.

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FAQs :-

What is Wireless Power Bank?

A wireless power bank is a portable charging device that has Qi-enabled charging technology to charge the Qi-enabled devices without wires. You simply needs to place your device on power bank surface and it will start charging automatically. Though wireless power banks are now in common usage we have found that the efficiency is very less when we are talking about capacity of the battery and to transfer it in Smartphones or devices while charging due to losses while wireless transmission.

Is wireless charging slower?

It used to be slow, But if you are using higher Wattage power banks then you will get faster chargings. Some technologies like Quick Charge 3.0 and further has solved the old slow charging problem of Wireless power banks.

How do you charge a wireless Power Bank?

A wireless power bank can be charged as regular devices with wire and wall charging adaptor provided with a power bank. Generally, the adaptor is of 2A current ratings to charge the power bank fast.

You can also charge the wireless power bank through USB cables by putting the micro USB port in the laptop, it will charge very slow but while in an emergency you can charge this way too!

Is wireless power bank safe?

Wireless portable chargers are safe! There is no danger in using any wireless power bank as there is no explosive technology used inside.

Are wireless power banks bad for your phones?

No! Wireless power banks are safe to use. You won’t get any harm to your phone by using wireless power banks. the special Qi-enabled technology is used to provide the wireless charging facility which is tested and proven to be not harmful.

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