Xiaomi Mi 10,000 mAh Powerbank Pro with USB-C Launched

Other than propelling the Redmi Note 3 cell phone in India, Popular Chinese brand Xiaomi have uncovered an all new power bank portable charger in their country which by the way gloats of a USB Type C port. Xiaomi has likewise propelled another form of their current media player named the Mi Box 3 Enhanced … Read more

Genuine Versus Fake Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank

Xiaomi power bank

Xiaomi powerbanks are getting so much love and response because of their Size, Specifications and the Affordable prices. This popularity has attracted a lot of attention. At present there are more counterfeit powerbanks in market than the original ones. Here is our guide to tell the real from the fake   1. The ports on … Read more

Xiaomi mi 10400 Power Bank Review

Xiaomi power bank 10400

Xiaomi power bank Mi 10400 review: Xiaomi power bank is doing great in external battery packs and most recommended nowadays because of its features and quality of product and last but not least looks. If you want a low cost power bank then this will be our first recommendation.   Xiaomi battery pack comes with … Read more