Genuine Versus Fake Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank

Xiaomi powerbanks are getting so much love and response because of their Size, Specifications and the Affordable prices. This popularity has attracted a lot of attention. At present there are more counterfeit powerbanks in market than the original ones.
Here is our guide to tell the real from the fake


1. The ports on the Xiaomi powerbank

fake xiaomi power bank
The color of the interior of the ports both the standard and the micro USB port in the original product are white.
The color of the interior of the standard USB port is white while the micro USB port is black in the fake


2. The lights on the Xiaomi powerbank

The LED lights on the original are evenly blinking and are smaller in size while the lights on the fake can blink unevenly and have a larger diameter than the original.


3. The Standard USB port

fake xiaomi power bank
The chassis of the standard USB port on the original product carries a small but distinctly visible Xiaomi Mi branding.
There is no such branding on the fake.
This can prove to be a good confirmation between the fake and genuine product.



4. The sticker test

fake xiaomi power bank
The sticker which is available on all products sold in China can be used to check the authenticity of the product on Xiaomi website– (in Chinese)
The sticker can be scratched to reveal a 20 digit package code which when entered on the website confirms the originality of the product.
Though this sticker is not available on most products sold outside China other tests can confirm the genuinity of the product.


5. The Logo test

fake xiaomi power bank
The logo printed on the bottom of the Xiaomi battery pack can be used to tell the difference as well
The genuine product has the logo in grey ink and is quite distinct in texture while the fake product usually has the logo in black ink which can be blurry


6. The power button test

All Xiaomi powerbanks are provided with a power button. Apart from its primary function to indicate battery status it can be used to identify real from fake.
In the original power bank the led lights go off when the power button is pressed and glow again when it is released.
Pressing the power button in the fake does not cause any change in the function of led lights.


7. The Cable test

fake xiaomi power bank
Xiaomi power bank USB cable test original do not have mi branding
fake xiaomi power bank
USB cable test





The micro USB cable provided in the original Xiaomi power bank has a black interior and does not carry any branding whereas the counterfeit one has a white interior and carries Mi branding. The sellers of the fake products wish to prey on the unsuspecting and trusting buyers with this trick.


8. Pass through charging test

The manufacturers of Xiaomi have provided with pass through charging feature in the powerbank which essentially means that the power bank can charge the device while it itself is charging. While the original products have this feature the fake products do not.
9. Inside battery test

fake xioami power bank
The manufacturers of the genuine Xiaomi power banks have used LG or Samsung battery cells whereas the fake products contain the miscellaneous local made battery cells usually pink in color.
Xiaomi Mi power bank does comes in capacity of 5000mAh, 10400mAh and 16000mAh only. Beware of products stating capacity of 20800mAh!!



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