RealMe PowerBank2 Introduced in India!

RealMe is gaining popularity in the Indian market from the last few years with its quality products and giving head-on competition to brands like Xiaomi, Oneplus, Samsung, and all other Android OS gadgets, accessories & smartphone manufacturers. Today Realme has introduced PowerBank2 which is an upgraded edition of their old power bank.

the Realme power bank2 india launch 2020 dualout put

The power bank comes with a capacity of 10,000 mAh which very common range but offers ’18W dual Output’. RealMe says it has used high-density Lithium Polymer batteries inside which is very stable, more reliable, and Durable. 500 times charging won’t degrade the performance of the power bank as per RealMe’s claims.

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Many might ask what is this 18W dual output so let’s see in details:

The power bank has two output ports which are USB A and USB C type respectively and also supports quick charge tech.

The USB type C port has 18W capacity and can be used in both the ways i.e. To charge the other devices from power bank and to charge the power bank with wall adapter of 18W specifications. Thus supporting 18W charge and recharge USB C type port has a dual mode of operations. 

Realme powerbank2 india launch 2020 dualout put

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The power bank by Realme can be used for multiple devices charging at the same time with quick charge support thus it will take a shorter time to charge multiple devices. The design looks very sleek and is only 15mm thin & weighs 216 grams which really lightweight. Sporting a 3d curved looks power bank has sporty colors too, Which are Yellow & Black! The outer layer has a gripping surface so no fear of sliding it, the power bank has 13-layer circuit protection as per the Realme specifications.


The power bank gets fully charged in 3 hours and 4o minutes when specified chargers are used!

The power bank also supports low current mode for accessories like iPods, air buds, smartwatches, apple watch, fitness trackers, truly wireless headphones, etc.

Smartly designed two in one charging cable is provided which includes regular micro USB & USB Type C ports. Also, Yes you can carry this power bank with you in Plane too!



the Realme powerbank2 india launch 2020 dualout put

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