ReelJuice Power Bank from Lynktec Details

There are numerous ho-murmur and numerous great portable battery chargers for our iDevices. Most are simply little boxes with a battery, LED lights and USB ports. Be that as it may, the new Lynktec (5,300 or 8,000 mAh) charger has a huge number of attentive elements, development choices and use profiles. It sets another standard.

This item has such a large number of elements, I’ll simply begin by posting them and after that talk about.
Primary charger link is on a 4 foot (1.22 meter) take up reel.

The charger tip has an incorporated Apple Lightning and microUSB tip (Android).

Two size alternatives: 2 cell (5,300 mAh) and 3 cell (7,950 mAh). (Called 8,000 for straightforwardness.)

Removable USB charging module. (Accessible alternative is a wall plug fitting module.)

Every required link and fittings are incorporated.

Utilizes the most astounding quality Lithium-particle batteries.

Supplies up to 2.1 amps high output (10 watts).

LED charge status markers.

Passs through charging protects both the battery and the gadget being charged get power in the meantime.


This an incredibly well constructed and attractive unit. Immediately, I got the inclination that this charger would be my go-to travel charger of decision in light of its adaptability and outline. I was correct.

Discussion of Features

Take Up Reel. The most remarkable component is the 48-inch string on a take up reel. As can be found in the photograph beneath, the side of the portable battery has a capacity trough where the end of the link gets and is put away. We have two choices. Let the end of the microUSB get in the trough and store the Lighting link in its docking port just underneath. That is extremely very much named, and that is the Android mode. On the other hand one can leave the Lighting port associated with the microUSB port. It’s anything but difficult to handle when it’s an ideal opportunity to haul the string out.

Storage trough for charger tips.

The current output toward the end of the rope is up to 10 watts. So one can utilize this gadget to charge a tablet, for example, an iPad. For instance, an iPad Air 2 has a 7,340 mAh battery and could be completely charged once of the “5X” model (clarified beneath).

Immediately, I saw the material like composition of the 48-inch link and pondered about it. We Apple clients are so acclimated to white plastic links. Be that as it may, there’s a justifiable reason, as I discovered from Lynktec.

1. The adaptable link utilizes a premium fabric. It won’t smolder. It’s Underwriters Lab (UL) affirmed.

2. The fabric secured string has recently the right material properties for regular use on a spring-stacked take up reel.

3. Lynktec joined forces with the designer of this innovation. It’s additionally utilized for telephone lines for Boeing aircraft’s inflight phones.

4. It’s been reel tried for 10,000 cycles without a disappointment.

The Battery. The ReelJuice utilizes a premium battery from Japan, the kind utilized as a part of the Tesla auto. Every cell is 2,650 milliAmp-hours (mAh). The “ReelJuice 3x” (called that since it can charge an iPhone three times) utilizes 2 cells x 2,650 for 5,300 mAh. The “ReelJuice 5X” utilizes 3 cells x 2,650 for 7,950 mAh and can charge an iPhone 5 times. The rating for these batteries is that after 500 cycles, they hold 80 percent of their unique limit.

In a side note, Lynktec let me know that exploration and advancements in electric auto battery innovation are what’s giving the result in the outline of these little, portable battery units for our iDevices.

USB Charging Module. The essential unit, whether “3X” for US$99.99 or the “5X” for $119.99 accompanies a removable USB charging module. There is a short USB link that can be pleasantly tucked into the base (where it stays as put) and is utilized to charge the battery. I comprehend the need to keep that link short (1 inch, 2.5 cm) for capacity, yet it feels too short. It’s the main gentle negative I found for this item. In any case, there is an answer in the other module (see underneath).


ReelJuice comes with this USB charger module. Note the short cable.

The most extreme current permitted to be gone into the battery is 2.1 amps (10 watts). Lynktec says the USB link, utilizing the same link fabric for similarity, can bolster the heaviness of the entire battery unit if necessary.

Charging time is as per the following:

Reeljuice 3X: up to 5 hours to completely revive utilizing a 5 watt data. Roughly 2.5 hours at 10 watts information.

Reeljuice 5X: up to 8 hours to completely energize utilizing a 5 watt data. Around 4 hours at 10 watts data.

The charging module interfaces with the battery with an inward microUSB plug, and a decent outline guarantees that the docking module can fit one and only way and the inside attachment won’t be twisted. It’s an incredible outline. Additionally, in that cavity where the two associate is the model, part number, serial number and electrical appraisals in little print.

In the standard manner, a catch as an afterthought illuminates a progression of red and blue LED’s to show the charging and battery status. These are clarified in point of interest in the included client guide.


In the top plug of my outlet. It doesn’t block the one below.
Charging status lights show 75 to 88 percent charged.

A pass through charging feature keeps both the battery and any attached device (on the take up reel) equally charged.

Divider Plug Charging Module. A US$24.99 choice, now transporting, is the “10W Rapid Wall Charger” module. The thought is that one can supplant the USB module with this module and fitting the entire unit into a divider outlet. (Charging times are as above with the 10 watt esteem). You can abandon it at home for short excusions with simply the battery or bring it with you for more excursions.

Optional wall charger module with fold-flat plug.

The charger prongs crease level for capacity and travel. Additionally, in favor of this module is a USB-A port (not demonstrated) that gets to be dynamic just when connected to an outlet. I got some information about the dividing of force when a gadget is connected to that port.

It relies on upon the force level in the Reeljuice battery and what is associated with the Reeljuice link. Our brilliant charging IC offers need to reviving any cell phone associated with the link at the greatest rate that the cell phone permits, then the staying current is shared between the battery and the extra USB-A yield port. Utilizing the Rapid Wall Charger USB-A yield port could give up to 10W yield if no different gadgets are associated.

This module can consequently acknowledge a voltage info range from 90 volts to 264 volts, so it might be utilized around the world.

Upon examination, I noticed a slide switch on the base of the divider fitting unit. Lynktec clarified that too. It’s utilized to interface a substitute fitting.

For those that want to keep the quick charger on when they travel universally, we planned the 10 Watt Rapid Charger module to oblige cut on global divider connectors that mount over the fold-level divider prongs. The connectors are accessible for UK, Europe, China, Korea, Australia, Brazil, and Argentina. These will all be accessible on our Lynktec online store in April .


International plug fits over fold-flat U.S. plug.

Some Technical Details

The ReelJuice appears a little on the vast side at to start with, yet recollect that a significant part of the interior space is allotted to the take up reel. The “3X” model is just shy of 6 inches (15 cm) long and the “5X” model is a little more than 6 crawls in length. The weights are 9.2 ounces (261 grams) and 10.3 ounces (292 grams) separately.

The data sheet.

I have found from my own experience that when I’m taken off out of the house and need a power bank battery charger with me, I get the ReelJuice in inclination to any less able battery. The elements, every single included link and adaptability make it worth a couple of additional ounces.

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Packaging & Warranty

The bundling is uncommon. The thick, straightforward plastic case not just befits the weight and nature of the item additionally highlights the double microUSB/Lighting charger tip. Every one of the elements, perfect items and electrical confirmations are recorded on the back. Included is a little client guide leaflet in English and French with points of interest on use, charging, guarantee and contact subtle elements. I was awed.

Rugged, clear plastic case. Lots of info on back.

Information about the warranty, which is one year, is posted at Lynktec’s website.

Final Thoughts
Portable clients require a contend arrangement, not only a battery in a case. The Lynktec ReelJuice has considered everything, and its uncommon components and adaptability will make it a crucial piece of anybody’s travel unit. It’s particularly helpful in those circumstances when one needs battery power, yet the battery should be set some separation far from your iPhone or iPad: in a coat, on an inn work area or in an aircraft seatback pocket. (Not any more sitting on the air terminal floor by an electrical plug!)

Its quality batteries, fabulous fit and complete, replaceable modules, and take up reel will, I think, make it fundamental for the versatile client, and I give it my most noteworthy suggestion.


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