Carrying a power bank or portable charger battery pack is a unavoided routine now a days. Keeping gadgets alive for the whole day, especially laptops, which consumes a hell lot of power is a headache. We have already reviewed few best in class laptop power banks here. As there is always a new comer who gets attention The Razer has unveiled a Laptop Power Bank too and as you guessed it is more than what we were thinking about. razer power bank

Razer has introduced the very needed accessory for their ‘Blade Stealth‘. Blade Stealth is a premium laptop with the the highest configuration for gaming freaks. It has the most latest i7 7th generation NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics and 4k UHD display that no hardcore gamer can resist buying. Hey, using this device comes with a cost of power drain and Razer come up with a high capacity 12,800 mAh of Power bank with high output ratings to match all the laptops charging current requirements. The external battery is specially designed for laptops. This power can give the extra 15 hours of life to Blade Stealth and so max 17-18 hours of extra life to lower configuration laptops.

The charger is compatible with USB-C type ports only, so if you have latest device with USB-C type charging port you are good to go. No doubt Macbooks are compatible with this external battery charger. You can also charge you phones while charging you laptops thus it is a multi-device charger. The power bank has smart technology which determines the required voltage and current need and adjusts accordingly for phone charging ports.

This power banks would be in the market for users from March 2017 and with estimated cost of around $150, tough it looks quite expensive you are getting a multi-charger for the same price. If you need some best power bank for mobile only here is our review on it. Razer fans are already pre-booking this power house brick for sure.