Best Power Bank and Portable Charger Buyers Guide 2017

power bank buying guideTired of charging your smartphones frequently? You need the BEST POWER BANK then !!

Smart phones are over taking the world, but the major hurdle is the battery life of smart phones. Many companies are providing many features in their devices but battery capacity is limited to 1500 mAh (mili ampere) to 3000 mAh, which doesn’t last for a single day.

To overcome this huge problem of portable electronic devices a new device called power bank is emerged in the market. Portable Power banks become extremely popular since last one year because of its ability to solve one of the most difficult problems of mobility industry.Here comes the need of POWER BANK.

Top Best Portable Chargers and External Battery For Laptop




We bring the best picks every month for our visitors here. The best mobile power banks are compared and reviewed to help you buy the portable charger. You can see easy comparison below:


Power bankNameEditor's RatingPriceCheck on Amazon
Anker 2nd Gen Astro E3Anker 2nd
Gen Astro E3
★★★★☆averagecheck it out
EasyACC Power BankEasyACC
Power Bank
★★★★☆averagecheck it out
Jackery Giant+Jackery Giant+
external battery
★★★★☆averagecheck it out
RAVPower RP-PB07 ElementRAVPower
RP-PB07 Element
portable battery
★★★★☆averagecheck it out
Limefuel Blast L156X PROLimefuel Blast
★★★☆☆averagecheck it out


What is Portable POWER BANK ?

Power bank is a secondary battery which can be used to charge your device anywhere and anytime. Now travelers can travel without worrying about battery life of cameras or mobile devices and Gamers can enjoy long hours gaming uninterrupted. This tiny portable device makes their life easy.

Portable Power Bank is portable battery backup with following features:

  • Portable
  • Handy
  • Easy to use
  • Compact in size
  • Provides easy juice to your device on the go
  • Now a days STYLISH

How to buy best power bank for your needs?

Market is full of different types of power banks and brands. It is very important to know which brand and type is best for your requirements and budget. We will provide you this detailed buyers guide for power bank.

Top five things to look for:

  • Capacity: capacity of power banks varies from 1500 mAh to 13000 mAh. Generally the mobile devices has 1500 mah to 2000 mah batteries this will give a rough idea of your requirements. Capacity is key factor in external batteries as capacity is directly proportional to the number device charging cycles. When it comes to capacity MORE is BETTER.


  • Price: Price of power banks are dependent on various factors like brands, capacity, size, etc. price of power bank is around $10 to $100.


  • Size: Size is another major key factor for choosing right choice as it is a portable battery. Smaller the size easier to carry. Generally banks are palm sized.


  • Portability: It is one of the major reasons behind huge popularity of external batteries. At present most of the brands are concentrating on manufacturing best possible portable power bank therefore we get many options when it comes to portability.


  • Our recommendations: After spending lot of my time in the research of power bank market we have sorted these top best power banks in the market.




So after reading this article you may understand that market is fully loaded with different types and brands and qualities of power banks. If you want to find a right choice for you then first you should understand your requirements and needs. Another major factor is your budget. Therefore decide your budget first then try to check best power banks within that range. If you want to reduce this all brainstorming then check our latest list of top Best Power Banks in the market. Thank you.


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